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Kade Renfro News Story

Kade Renfro News Story

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More truth, dispelling false accusations against Kade Renfro.

Full news video originally broadcast by KRBC in Abilene, TX.

David Wimberley retained by Kade Renfro

In response to being dismissed from his quarterback position at the University of Arkansas due to the posting of anonymous accusations, Kade Renfro has retained the services of the David Wimberley Law Office for assistance with the matter.

The light of truth starts to shine in the darkness. See full interview with Kade Renfro now. More of the story to follow. Keep posted for details.

Interview in Big Country

The real truth is here.

Social Media Post Pic 1 Renfro.png

Due to today’s public outcries and many requests from reporters and others reaching out to my office attempting to find out the truth about Kade Renfro, we have decided to release some information prior to tomorrow’s interview.


The below pictures are just some of the evidence that will be released that unequivocally proves that the Instagram account kaderenfroabuse is fraudulent. The photos above are from an actual abuse case in Bakersfield, CA, and were posted on that victim’s TikTok account.  The Instagram account holder stole these pictures, from that video, then posted as if Kade Renfro committed these despicable acts.


Further, a FELONY criminal complaint for this falsified hate crime and stalking of Kade Renfro has been filed with Texas authorities.  The Texas prosecutors take a hard stance against cyber bullying and stalking and will prosecute these matters to their fullest extent. It is my understanding that Texas prosecutors are seeking a search warrant at this time to find the account holder of the “anonymous” kaderenfroabuse Instagram account. My office fully intends to seek out this person and prosecute him/her both civilly and criminally.


All other information will be released on and approximately 200 other station sites across the US tomorrow in an interview with Kade Renfro and myself.  I also believe it will be live streamed on Tyler Hudson’s Tusk Talk with Ty on YouTube.


As an attorney, who regularly handles sexual abuse cases, I would like to tell you, kaderenfroabuse person, that it’s people like you who make, disseminate, or perpetuate these types of false accusations that make it is so hard for actual women of abuse to ever have their day in court. Due to this reality, I believe you and people like you are the obstructors of justice for battered women and victims of sexual abuse. Whoever you are, I want to tell you that I will not rest until you are handcuffed and in bankruptcy. To all the women who have really been abused, I’m sorry that people, like the “person” behind this account, have stolen your voice.

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