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David Wimberley Law Office
There are two sides to every story. Let us make sure yours is heard.

I have been retained to represent Kade Renfro.

See my Twitter and Facebook and dedicated webpage for ongoing updated to the Kade Renfro case.

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Rick C Successfully Defended

- Rick C, March 2023 

David Wimberley’s law firm saved my life!  After being accused of multiple heinous acts of child sexual abuse by a vindictive estranged wife and her daughters, David Wimberley stepped in and went to work.  Due to delays by the DA, Covid Closings, and other factors, it took over four and a half years before I had my day in court.  David and his team stuck by me the whole time pushing for a resolution.  They never treated me like I was just an open check book, instead they counseled me on using my monetary resources wisely.  Thru the whole experience I was treated like I was a close personal friend of theirs.  In the end, David procured a NOT GUILTY verdict on all eight charges.  David Wimberley went above the call of duty for me, and it paid off.  I am a free man today because of him.

Shaun A Regains Rights to Children

- Shaun A March 2023

When I was falsely accused of something I didn’t do, I lost my kids.  I went to David Wimberley Law Office.  David Wimberley did an excellent job. His assistant, Liz, was extremely awesome. They helped me get through everything.  David Wimberley also got the charges dropped, which got me my kids back from CPS who I’ve been fighting for 2 1/2 years. I want to thank Mr. Wimberley and his assistant, Liz, and Mr. Wimberley's team for helping me through this difficult time. I got my kids back thanks to Mr. Wimberley. They did an awesome job.  I needed a bulldog and Mr. Wimberley is the bulldog that helped me out. I would recommend David Wimberley and his law office to everyone. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE WIMBERLY LAW FIRM YOU ALL ARE AWESOME IN EVERY WAY.

C Barker Grateful to Wimberley Team

- C Barker December 2022

David and his team do absolutely amazing work. Absolutely hands down the best experience I've ever had with any lawyer's. I will forever use him and let me tell ya... you should definitely get him in your corner. They had me backed into a deep hole, David and his team came in and changed EVERYTHING. Thank you to Liz and David for everything. I will forever be grateful!

Jerry F says David Has Heart of a Lion

- Jerry F Aug 2022

David is an attorney that goes above and beyond the call of duty. David truly has a heart of a lion!! He is not in it to just make or take your money. When you hire David, you can rest assure that he will exhaust all of his powerful energy to provide justice for his client(s). If you are looking for an exceptional attorney, look no further!! A huge thank you to David and his team for making us feel like we were his top priority!!!

Shelby R says David Shows up and Wins

 - Shelby R  Aug 2022

He doesn’t come to play. He shows up and wins. David and his team did an incredible job representing me. They went above and beyond. I cannot thank them enough for everything they did for my daughters and I. They will be the ONLY legal counsel I ever seek.

Chad M, Abilene High School team chaplain and Co-Author Vindicated

- October 2021

Chad M, team chaplain for Abilene Hight School football team and Pastor for Mission Abilene was accused of assaulting a 7 1/2 month pregnant woman.  David Wimberly quickly went into action and the Taylor County DA granted a dismissal of the case once of the facts came into evidence.

"E.C." Blair Not Guilty on Murder Charges

 - October 2017

After weeks in a trial for an alleged murder E.C. Blair emerges with a not guilty verdict.  David Wimberly worked hard to provide all the facts to the Jury to ensure a full acquittal as the outcome of this high visibility case.

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